Our Services

SKILLED NURSING CARE:   Wentz Living Center is a newly constructed state of the art
facility. We offer all private resident rooms for our residents to enjoy the freedom and privacy of
having their own room.

THERAPY/RESTORATIVE NURSING:  Wentz Living Center offers skilled physical therapy
5 days per week.  Therapists assist residents with rehabilitation programs and restorative
nursing.  Our trained restorative aides implement the programs to make sure our residents get the
proper amount of exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Occupational therapy services are
provided on a monthly or an as needed basis.

ADULT DAY CARE AND RESPITE CARE:  We offer Adult Day Care and Respite Care
services so family members of loved ones can get a break from the fatigue and commitment it
takes to care for your loved one.

DINING:  Our large dining room offers our residents plenty of space and a pleasant atmosphere
for the ultimate dining experience.  Resident meal choices are important to us.  Therefore,
residents can choose the meal they want to eat.  Special diets are adhered to and are adjusted to
meet our residents’ needs.  Residents are welcome to invite family or friends to come and dine
with them if they wish.  Holidays and special occasions are a great time to come and celebrate
with the residents.

ACTIVITIES:   Activities play a vital role in our residents’ lives and allow them to express
their interests and showcase their talents to fulfill the need of personal satisfaction.  Activities
may include special entertainment by individuals or groups who come to our facility.

BEAUTY SALON: Feel refreshed and renewed with a trip to our beauty salon. Residents can
have their hair styled at their convenience.  One of our local beauticians comes to the care center
weekly or you can schedule an appointment with your favorite beautician.  The choice is yours.